Subscriptions for prisoners and people in need

Dear guests and subscribers! In our edition there are two charitable reading cards for all countries: Nr. 15900 - for prisons, Nr. 13750 - for the poor. 

You can transfer money to them for those in need directly on the site, in the section Subscribe now! To do this, you need to add the appropriate subscription (eg, "Prison altar") in the shopping cart and place an order. To subscribe several people, add several subscriptions to your cart.

We will credit your money to these cards and if you receive letters of request for subscription from prisons, homes for the disabled, orphanages (from the CIS) we will be able to subscribe to the newspaper "Altar" or magazine "Sister". Such requests come all the time!

If you have a Kundennummer, please specify it when placing an order in the "Leave a message" field.

Any other amount for charity cards can be transferred to our account in Germany:

Vergessener Altar
IBAN: DE12 440 100 460 752 868 463
Postbank NL

For the purpose of payment (Verwendungszweck) specify "Nr. 15900". (for prisons) or "Nr. 13750". (for the poor) as well as your Kundennummer, if you have one.
"Save those taken to death, and will you really give up the doomed to murder?" (Proverbs 24:11)

With love in Christ, the editorial office of the evangelization newspaper "Forgotten Altar".