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"Forgotten Altar" is a Christian newspaper, one of the most famous evangelization newspapers in Russian. It reaches thousands of people in 26 countries and it is made up of their letters. Many of our readers are prisoners who seek God or have converted to Him. They are in the most horrific prisons in the world (such as the infamous "Black Dolphin"). Others are Christians who survived the terrible repression in the Soviet Union and the Soviet concentration camps for their faith. Others are modern educated theologians, preachers, ministers and pastors. For 20 years their amazing testimonies and stories, incredible memories, heartfelt poems, simple and profound articles and sermons have touched the hearts of a wide variety of people - believers and non-believers, young and old, rich and poor, living in comfortable homes and behind barbed wire.

  • The newspaper is published monthly on 32 glossy pages.

Among other things, it includes a unique series of short stories, a Christian news page, as well as two large sections:

  • "The key to the trap" - about the fate of those who ended up in prison.

  • "On the eve" - about Israel and for Israel.

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